Blog Post #6

In the Love episode of Ways of Hearing, Damon argues that digital sound “impedes our perception of those sonic qualities that help us experience intimacy.” He states that with analog phones, “we could feel one other’s presence”. However, digital audio is compressed in order to have phones send smaller data packages. I agree with the fact that digital audio has interfered with background, however you can still experience intimacy when communicating with someone. Despite the lower quality, you can still tell and experience how someone feels based on their voice.
One interesting thing I found in the New York Times article “How A.S.M.R. Became a Sensation” is how these digital sounds can affect how a person feels. It helps people experience noise that usually goes unnoticed during daily life. The article even explains how these kinds of videos tend to satisfy people. Craig Richards states that “It could heighten a sexual moment, in a way the same way that massage oil can heighten a sexual moment.” A.S.M.R may not be for everyone, but it can please people with different preferences.

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