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  1. According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein in the book “They Say/ I Say” writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing because it allows the writers to clearly state the reason for establishing the writing and have broader view on the topic they are writing. If the writers simply state their point of view, the readers will not know why this writing is being made, or who this writing is trying to challenge or support, therefore loses the meaning of reading it in the first place.  Also, by engaging with other people’s argument, the writers maybe able to encounter with the ideas they never thought of before, which they could incorporate into the writing and make it more appealing to the readers.


2. I agree with the idea that learning to look at artwork help us analyze other situations because often times the artwork include message or idea that are not clearly visible since it is not written with words, but when we analyze it closely we can find meanings within the object or little details. Some art may illustrate abnormal situation to help us find out what is strange about it exactly, and allow us to articulate what the problem within the situation in case of emergency or accident. It is really important to notice those small features because not everyone or everything explain themselves with directly. For example, if a friend gets injured from playing sports, he or she might say they are fine because they don’t want to make a big deal out of it. However, if I watch them closely and notice that they are dragging their feet while walking or they are walking slower than usual, I know that I need to take them to a hospital or nursing office. By being able to identify the small details within the artwork, I will also be able to identify the details within a person’s action or voice, which maybe crucial sometimes.

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  1. Octazea Robinson

    I agree with both of your responses . For the first one i wrote something similar to it and for the second one i like how you mentioned messages or ideas that are not clearly visible because i believe that not only in art but always every situation that a things that are keep hidden if they aren’t thought about or mentioned.


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