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  1. According to Gerald and Cathy writers should use the model of “ entering the conversation “ in their writing because it provides a clear understanding of the point their trying to make. In the text “ State your own ideas as a response to others “ it states that “ If your own argument does identify the “ they say “ that you’re responding to, it probably won’t make sense.” I agree with this because your writing should clearly state what you’re talking about and why you’re talking about it and to do this you must include “ they say , I say” to further support your writing.  Advantages that come from this is that it will allow you to avoid a simple yes or no response and present a strong augment
  2. I agree with artwork helping us analyze other situations. Artwork is more than just looking at a picture. You have to understand and know what the picture story is and what it’s telling you. Artwork forces people to think critically to try and understand what is the purpose is. Artwork relates to real life situations because just like an artwork where you have to look for details to find the story behind it, in real life crime scenes workers have to look for details/clues to help them find what is the story there. It all relates.

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  1. Jiaqi Gao

    I think the advantages of the model you mentioned are only a part of the article, and you can find other advantages of the model in the article. I also strongly agree that art can help us to analyze other situations. It can help us to think critically from different perspectives and improve our insight.


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