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  • According to Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein, writers should use the model of “entering the conversation” in their writing. What are the advantages of this model? 

According to the reading, “The best academic writing has one underlying feature: it is deeply engaged with other people’s views”. This model makes it easy to do so. The main focus of the model is to provide a way to make writing more efficient, while also giving students a template that invokes more conscious, creative thinking. This gives students many advantages, like the ability to form thoughts and engage in argumentative writing correctly.

  • The smarthistory videos on the schedule this week discuss how learning to look at artwork help us analyze other situations. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

After reviewing both videos, I certainly agree that analyzing & studying artwork can certainly have real-world applications. As the video stated, most essential jobs in the country are very detail oriented. Paying extra attention to the small details in a painting can influence how people interpret it, just like different variables in certain  real-world situations can affect their outcome. It can really be applied to anything from reading a book to watching your favorite tv shows. It’s an important skill that we start honing since young, curiosity helps us survive.

4 thoughts on “Blog Post #1 | Jose Jimenez

  1. Cherilene Guzman

    Firstly, I completely agree with both of your answers, and answered similarly.
    In your answer to the second question, I love that you mentioned how that skill can really be applied to simple things in everyday life like watching your favorite tv show. I also found your statement of “curiosity helps us survive” extremely interesting. There’s so much truth to that statement, and I overall enjoyed your blog post.

  2. Enako Hori

    I agree with both of your answers, and I especially liked your answer for the second one where you said “It can really be applied to anything from reading a book to watching your favorite tv shows” because while it is true that it’s important skill to have when you are a doctor or police as it was explained in the videos, it is also an essential skill in everyday life as well. Such as when we are taking a class, often times we are asked to analyze an essay or readings, or even when we are at home watching mystery tv shows and we want solve the mystery ourselves.


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