Blog 8

“Sorrow Songs” are the songs that have been sung and passed down through the African American culture from our days of slavery. DuBois talks about how these songs not only tell a story but hold so much more. These songs were sung during times that were meant to break us, as African Americans. But yet they showed just how strong they actually were but able to still show that there was some hope. And that there is still joy in their hearts. Passing on a story that even when the world is against you, still sing through it. for instance when you’re listening to “Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”, you get to hear that pain. You are listening to someone tell you that they have seen some gruesome things but you the melodies give open the door for something soothing. In a way the music created this feel of hope or joy. Knowing the history of the slavery we know all of the horrific things that they went through. But through it they were still able to make music that gave people hope. Hope that better days are coming. Same with “go and tell the mountain”, they knew they were in a messed up situation. However the words told a story of better days to come. So these songs are labeled as “sorrow songs” gives more than just some as DuBois said. 

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