1. According to Du Bois, what is the significance of what he calls the “sorrow songs” to African-American history and culture? 

        Sorrow songs tell us how hard African American people lived back in eighties. All                       suffering and death are hidden in words of sorrow songs. And yet, they still find a way to              write these songs, make themselves happy and careless about their situation. I believe                   it makes sorrow songs very significant. 

2.  Which of the songs featured in this chapter us the most significant, in your opinion, and why? (Check out the Spotify playlist if you are not familiar with them.) 

      I think that the most significant song in this chapter is “You may bury me in the east”.                    The reason that I choice this song is the lyrics. Lyrics sound to me like no matter what                   you do to me, I am not afraid of death. I am going to heaven in that morning. 

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